Sunday, August 26, 2012

Designer John Galliano Stripped Off His Medal

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A famous designer has been stripped of a medal given to him by the highest official of his country. It is said that this honor was given because of his exemplary contribution that made his country proud of him.

British designer John Galliano who had worked for Dior before he was replaced because of the incident he was into. It was known that because of an event in Paris of which the designer was arrested due to an alleged assault and his antisemitic remarks landed him being taken by police after a late night drinking session.

Galliano was a regular in the area and was known by many but a prosecutor released him after knowing that his outburst was also because of the intense limelight Dior has and since the fashion display for the company was coming. 

The president of France has taken back the honor he has bestowed on Galliano stating that he is not fit for the award. 

It was also made known that the designer is thinking of moving to Los Angeles.  Galliano currently has been on a low profile since then. 

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