Monday, July 9, 2012

Burberry Campaign For Autumn/Winter 2012 Collection

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Roo Panes and Gabriella Wilde stars Burberry's campaign for their latest collection on its cinematic autumn/winter 2012 designs.

Roo Panes is a british singer and a rising star in the making who has recorded his mellow inspired music for the label.

Gabriella Wilde is an upcoming actress casted on the movie "Carrie" a Stephen King's thriller version along with Chloe Martinez and Julianne Moore.

Bothed were photographed a London themed to celebrate its Britishness. Photos taken from Royal Naval College which was also the equestrian competition site for the Olympics which creates a great back drop with its black and white films which adds drama to each photo taken.

Chief Officer Christopher Bailey further explained that the theme was done to play with everything that is at the heart of Burberry world thus using London as the imagery with its film, music, weather on its iconic outerwear in a poetic and British way.

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