Thursday, April 5, 2012

Celebrities in Shorts

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Kate Winslet, Beyonce, and Amanda Seyfried have rocked the shorts suit look with stunning results. This really is one celebrity fashion trend that is able to be sexy, sophisticated, and playful all at one time, as well as an ideal method for ladies with gorgeous gams to exhibit them off! And worn the proper way, short suits could be dressed up for places you normally wouldn't consider sporting shorts, for example to the office or out for lunch.

However, designers Liz Lange and Jane Wagman, founders from the shopping website Shopafrolic, propose that unlike neons and floral prints, this spring trend isn't for all. "Done right it could be an adorable and sexy look, but done wrong … it may be oh-so wrong," they told omg!. "When looking at fashion, we typically feel that there is a way virtually every body type can accomplish a trend and many don't require which you be toothpick thin to check great. Sadly, this trend just isn't one of those." The fashionable duo of Lange and Wagman, who also are actually sisters, says short suits are extremely tricky they even stay away from them, instead deciding on shorts with no jacket. "Shorts suits are actually all about legs," they continued. "We all have good body attributes of course, if long, lean legs usually are not your thing restoration this look isn't for you."

In case you are still going to try the short suit trend, both offered top tips: "You can go with short shorts or even a looser, longer scalloped hemmed short - both can function," they noted. "Paired with super high heel shoes or wedges (you usually want some additional height!), shorts could make your legs look mile after mile long."

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