Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Naya Rivera’s - 2012 GLAAD Media Awards

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Naya Rivera is one of the beautiful actresses that comedy series Glee made famous. She’s funny being a cheerleader on series but hot on award nights with beautiful dresses and trend hitter hairstyles. She was on 2012 GLAAD Media Awards having a red dress and updo hairstyle. Rivera’s neck will be the dream of American teenagers. So she’s successful to spot it with updo hairstyles.
Looking being a chic is hard for an actress born later but Naya Rivera is quite successful about it. Secret behind Naya Rivera’s hairstyle making up is celebrity makeup artist Jo Baker. He’s popular for balanced make-up and hairstyles. So it’s easy to see all specifics of a perfect match on Naya Rivera’s 2012 GLAAD Media Awards walk.

Her hairstyle looks perfect for a primary shot but facts are also important. Front side of tresses are some irregular. This really is giving the design of a woman shaped her hair with hands. So it’s natural as you possibly can.

Beside the Rivera’s red dress, red purse and Christian louboutin shoes high heels are incredibly good choosing. We will have Nayera and hairstyle more after Glee’s last season on Fox.

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